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Say Hello To The New Season!

What an end to the winter it is proving to be! As the sun is venturing out from behind the clouds more and more often, the shelves in our little shop are slowly filling up with more and more cheerful new pieces as we ready ourselves for the upcoming springtime.

As those of you who follow us on social media may know, this year we will be moving to a new shop on Marlborough High Street! Whilst we do not have an exact opening date for you all yet, we can safely say that it won’t be too long a wait. As we progress with painting, and emptying our current cupboard of a stock room into our new palatial one across the road, we cannot help but feel overwhelmed with excitement at all there is to come. 

However, until we have more news on that front, we are very pleased to introduce our new collections for this season. Whilst we are still waiting for our lovely clothing to arrive from Albetta and Pigeon Organics, other brands such as Liewood and Rockahula have already come through to kick off the season.

This year we are expanding our Liewood collection to include even more mealtime accessories for your little treasures. The new Stanley cutlery sets are particularly lovely, not to mention the indestructible Jenna and Katinka cups which we wish we had owned when our children were little!  



At the end of every winter we look forward to the cheerful Rockahula delivery which finds its way to us with a promise of the sunshine to come. We are now well stocked and ready for that sunshine with their gorgeous sunglasses, sun hats and fantastic new rucksacks which you have all been enamoured with so far. 



Even a steady trickle of new Maileg has made its way to us. Whilst Maileg deliveries are always beautiful, we are particularly excited for some which we have to come later this year. For a little sneak peak, head over to our pre-order section to get a glimpse at what will be on its way to us soon.



Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled across our social media for even more news on our new shop, deliveries and more!

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