Wooden Toys

Explore our collection of wooden toys. Sustainable brands, clean Scandinavian design and traditional heritage charm, with this selection of hand picked toys. From Grimms  colourful rainbows to eco blocks from Plan Toys and timeless heirloom gifts. Built to last for endless hours of imaginative play.
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Grimm's Medium Rainbow
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Plan Toys Sensory Tumbling Toys
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Grimm's Mini Rainbow
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Grimms Rainbow  Bead Ring
Plan Toys My First Phone Orhcard Collection
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Plan Toys Yellow My First Camera Orchard Collection
Candylab Hamburger Van
Plan Toys Dog Puzzle
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Plan Toys Dentist Set
Candylab Candyvan Hot Dog Van
Candylab Candyvan Ice Cream Van
Plan Toys Vet Set
Candylab Waffle Van
Plan Toys Colourful 40 Unit Blocks
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Grimms Rainbow Keyring
Grimm’s Grasping Toy Pyramid
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Grimms Grasping Toy Hedgehog
Grimms Seven Friends In Bowls
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Grimms Set of Bowls
Candylab Candyvan Hot Chicken Van
Grimms Rainbow Mosaic Blocks
Grimm's 12 Pastel Friends
Candylab Ghost
Candylab Ghost
Candylab - Candyvan Milk Van
Plan Toys Tie-Up Shoe Orchard Collection
Plan Toys Blue Piggy Bank Orchard Collection
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Grimms Small Natural Rainbow
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Candylab Graffiti Van
Plan Toys Tree House
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Candylab Candyvan Taco Van
Grimm’s Smooth Heart Grasping Toy
Grimms Small Earth
Grimms Grasping Toy Rainbow Boat
Grimm’s 12 Rainbow Friends
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Candylab Candy Cab
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