Craft Kits

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Rex London Origami Animals Kit
Rex London Make Your Own Landmark Tower Bridge
Rex London Space Ace Mini Colouring & Games
Djeco Artistic Patch Ocean
Djeco Artistic Patch Fairyland
Rex London Forest Friends Mini Colouring & Games
Djeco Sea Life Glow In The Dark Scratch Boards
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Rico Design Kit Brick Stitch Love Bracelet Set
Djeco Cosmic Mission Scratch Boards
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Djeco Transfers 'In Fairyland'
Rex London Woodland Animals Pipe Cleaner Set
Djeco Oh! Les Perles Beads & Figurines
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Djeco Create With Stickers I Love Animals Kit
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Djeco Artistic Beads Flowers & Fur
Djeco Artistic Patch Petals
Djeco Tear And Stick Collages
Djeco Diamond Scratch Art Stickers
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Djeco Create Your Own Letters
Djeco Easy Origami Sweet Treats
Djeco Easy Origami Dinosaurs
Djeco Oh! Les Perles Alphabet Beads
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Djeco Easy Origami Polar Animals
Djeco Artistic Patch Cosmos
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Djeco Origami Small Boxes
Djeco Origami Tropics
Djeco When Dinosaurs Reigned Scratch Boards
Djeco Origami Fortune Tellers
Djeco Paper Dolls- A Well Stocked Wardrobe
Djeco Origami Set Boats On The Water
Djeco Headbands and Threading Tray Precious
Djeco Artistic Patch Dinosaurs
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Djeco Do It Yourself Space Kaleidoscope Kit
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Djeco Factory Art + Technology Abyesses
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Djeco Aircraft Origami
Djeco Embroidery Kit Fashion Cocktail
Djeco Fairy Pom Pom Kit
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153 results