Legami is an Italian brand with an eye for design, aesthetics, quality and innovation. With a huge range of products, Legami is a one-stop destination exploring the worlds of Stationery, Lifestyle, Travel and Tech.

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Legami Erasable Pen - Black Cat
Legami Magical Shine - Glitter Glue Stick
Legami Mini Magic 4-Colour Unicorn Ballpoint Pen
Legami Erasable Pen - Unicorn
Legami Scented Panda Eraser - Pantastic
Legami Cotton Candy Scented Unicorn Eraser - Jelly Friends
Legami Adhesive Notepad - Kitty Lovely Notes
Legami Unicorn Magic Kiss - Lip Gloss
Legami Erasable Pen - Llama
Legami Set of 6 Mini Pastel Highlighters - Teddy's Style
Legami Erasable Pen - Giraffe
Legami Mini Unicorn Water Game
Legami Set of 6 Mini Highlighters - Teddy's Mood
Legami Kitten Magic Kiss - Lip Gloss
Legami Erasable Pen - Space
Legami Watermelon Gel Pen
Legami Super Stars - Glow In The Dark
Legami Erasable Pen - Panda
Legami Erasable Pen - Dino
Legami Vanilla Scented Dinosaur Eraser - Jelly Friends
Legami Mini Stationery Set
Legami Adhesive Glow-in-the-Dark Moon - Super Moon
Legami Eraser With Sharpener - Magic Mushroom
Legami Yummy Yummy - Scented Erasers
Legami Mini Space Water Game
Legami Light and Sound Memory Game - Memory
Legami I Love Bamboo Pencil With Eraser
Legami 3-In-1 Highlighter - Unicorn
Legami 3-In-1 Highlighter - Avocado
Legami Set of 5 Rainbow Paper Sticky Tapes - Tape By Tape
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Legami Pocket Arcade Game - Mini Portable Console
Legami Meow Ruler
Legami Erasable Pen - Lion
Legami Adhesive Tape Gun - Follow The Rainbow
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Legami Sound Machine With Fun Sound Effects
Legami Panda Gel Eye Mask - Chill Out
76 results