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Rockahula Kids is a boutique accessories brand just for kids, its all about being playful, bright and beautiful! With fun and imagination at the heart of everything they do. Rockahula designs aim to inspire a creative spirit in children, and to reflect the way they see the world around them. The label was launched by Harriet Jones in 2013. Founded upon a thoughtful ethos, Rockahula donates 5% of their annual profit to children's charities. A range of hair accessories, jewellery, bags and purses with imaginative embellishments and whimsical, sparkling adornments, Rockahula will enchant your little ones.

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Rockahula Razzle Dazzle Mini Jewellery Box
Rockahula Clara Cat Earmuffs - Pink
Rockahula Razzle Dazzle Mini Jewellery Box - Gold
Rockahula Billie Bear Pom Pom Clips
Rockahula Cleo Cat Leopard Earmuffs
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Rockahula Morris Sausage Dog Earmuffs
Rockahula Dreamy Rainbow Knit Bobble Hat
Rockahula Candy Sprinkles Reindeer Headband
Rockahula Candy Sprinkles Xmas Tree Ponies
Rockahula Felix Fox Clips
Rockahula Sparkly Reindeer Hairband Ears - Gold
Rockahula Disco Rainbow Earmuffs
Rockahula Little Fluffy Cloud Earmuffs
Rockahula Rainbow Knit Hat
Rockahula Birthday Glitter Clips
Rockahula Festive Xmas Ponies
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Rockahula Felix Fox Earmuffs
Rockahula Luna Snow Leopard Earmuffs
Rockahula Daisy Sunglasses
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Rockahula Toby Turtle Sun Hat
Rockahula Sorbet Rainbow Ring Set
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Rockahula Stardust Mittens
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Rockahula Pink Apple Earmuffs
Rockahula Cleo Cat Headwarmer
Rockahula Blossom Reversible Sun Hat
Rockahula Teddy Bear Bag
Rockahula Fluffy Spot Beret
Rockahula Little Pumpkin Clips
Rockahula Moonlight Earmuffs Pink
Rockahula Lightening Flash Sunglasses
Rockahula Frida Cat Sunglasses
Rockahula Candy Sprinkles Xmas Tree Clips
Rockahula Xmas Tree Ponies
Rockahula Santa Elephant Clips
Rockahula Happy Days Scrunchie Set
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Rockahula Cheetah Knit Mittens
176 results