Candylab Toys

Candylab Toys is a design company of gear heads, architects, engineers, and designers with a passion for beautiful all-natural materials, unique craftsmanship, and vintage-yet-modern looking cars that exude their own personality. The cars have a highly artistic look with a mix of bold colours, and an impressive solid feel from their sturdy beech wood body.  From the “Woodie Wagon Surf Vibe vintage” to the “Drifter Series”, a gorgeous off-roader infused with nostalgia, Candylab collectibles are a hugely popular range, can you collect them all?
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Candylab Waffle Van
Candylab Candyvan Hot Chicken Van
Candylab - Candyvan Milk Van
Candylab Graffiti Van
Candylab Candyvan Donut Van
Candylab Candyvan Taco Van
Candylab Surfman
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Only 1 left!
Candylab Candy Cab
Candylab Lone Sheriff
Candylab The Runner
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Candylab Yellow Camper
Candylab Milk Truck
Candylab Bread Truck
Candylab Longhorn Teal
Candylab Pioneer Yucatan
Candylab White Beast
Candylab Black Sheep
Candylab Pioneer
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Candylab Firechief
Candylab Carbon 77
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