Furniture & Accessories

A large range of Maileg furniture and accessories for your collection of  Maileg bunnies, mice and rabbits.  This wonderful range of characters are very lucky as they have a wonderful array of options for endless imaginative play. 

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Maileg Drying Rack With Pegs
Maileg Cooking Set
Maileg Miniature Bathtub
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Maileg Miniature Cooler
Maileg Rubber Boat Mouse
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Maileg Bag With Beach Essentials
Maileg Wellness Mouse, Big Sister
Maileg Princess And The Pea Big Sister Mouse
Maileg Mirror
 Maileg Mouse Bathtub
Maileg Thermos & Cups Soft Coral
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Maileg Thermos & Cups Mint
Maileg Vintage Lantern Red
Maileg Sleeping Bag Mouse
Maileg Wooden Closet Mouse
Maileg Vintage Dining Table With 2 Chairs
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Maileg Miniature Kitchen
Maileg Happy Camper Mouse Tent
Maileg Cheese Bell
Maileg Beach Set Shovel, Bucket & Shells
Maileg Potty
Maileg Potty
Maileg Miniature Bathroom Sink
Maileg Miniature Grocery Box
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Maileg Baby Room With Micro Bunny
Maileg Micro Dusty Wagon
Maileg Mouse Vintage Bed Off White
Maileg Mouse Rubber Boat Dusty Yellow
Maileg Mouse Sleigh
Maileg Micro Cot Bed Rose
Maileg Fireplace Vintage Blue
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Maileg Beach Mice Dad in Cabin de Plage
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Maileg Tooth Fairy Mouse In Matchbox Boy
Maileg Big Brother Hiker Mouse
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Maileg Mouse Beach Chair Set
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Maileg Wellness Set
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Maileg Mouse Chair Red
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103 results