Scenties Stretch & Sniff Scented Hair Ties -Brownie Sunday


Create cute ponytails with Scenties hair ties! These hair ties add a fun twist to no-ouch hair elastics.

Brighten up any ponytail with a set of 5 blue and yellow brownie sundae scented hair ties.

Get creative and match them with your outfits as bracelets! Collect all 7 fun scents to mix, match, and trade with your friends!

How do Scenties Hair Elastics Work?

Scenties is the first to play with a new category for children we like to call TOYCESSORIES – an accessory that is also a fun, interactive toy! We have started with the classic hair elastic and added a tiny fabric tag microencapsulated with all your favorite scents.

Tug the adorable little tag and let your world erupt with the sweet smells of brownie sundaes!

Our 5 pack of brownie sundae hair ties is especially perfect for trading with friends. Use them as hair ties, bracelets, trade them with friends and absolutely try pairing them with other flavors.

All you have to do is tug on the cute fabric tag to release the mouth-watering scent of watermelon! Stretch ‘em, Sniff ‘em, Wear ‘em, Share ‘em!

 Scent lasts 8 – 12 months