Olli Ella Cozy Dinkum Doll Tabby Cat Jinx

SKU: Tabby Cat Jinx

Olli Ella, Cozy Dinkums Tabby Cat  Jinx

Jinx, so cuddly and cute, adores cozying up - perfect for lazy days of napping and lounging. But like most mischievous kitties, this velvety little Cozy also loves to play!

Each Cozy Dinkum Cat wears a non-removable suit with two soft furry ears, soft thread whiskers, and a rainbow right over their heart.

Cozy Dinkums arrive packaged in a soft 100% cotton bag. This bag also doubles as a handy laundry bag for your Cozy when they need a wash (make sure it’s a cool, gentle machine wash only!).

Measures 35cm including ears 

Suitable from birth