Mustard Made The Shorty Locker


Short + Sweet, the Mustard Made Shorty comes in right + left opening options, perfect for whichever side of the bed you sleep on! 

The Shorty locker makes itself at home tucked neatly next to your desk, snuggled up next to your lounge or sitting beside your bed. This petite little locker might be small but there is loads of room inside. The door opens to the right.


The Shorty to the Left locker. The door opens to the left. 


How does The Shorty compare? It’s the same width and depth as the Skinny and the same height as The Lowdown.



Two adjustable shelves, one handy hook, cable hole, wall attachment points.



Handle, lock, custom keyring, Mustard logo, air vents.



Height 72cm

Width 35cm

Depth 46cm

Build It

The lockers are cleverly designed to arrive flat packed for you to assemble.  Instructional video link included in manual.


*Please get in touch for accurate delivery times. We order direct from Mustard so not all pieces are available for immediate dispatch. Enquire with our team for current stock levels at we are more than happy to help*