MORI Mint Hello Baby Book


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Record their first moments, steps and more with our Hello Baby Book from MORI. They've split the book into sections so you can add memories, photos and milestones from before they're born, the day of their arrival and every month in between up to their first birthday. There's also a place to record all their firsts as well as room to write about their bedtime routines. Invite your loved ones to write little messages for your baby you can read on sleepless nights & look back on once they're older. Plus, write your own love letter to your little one with space to write about what you've learnt & hopes for their future. A fold-out growth chart can be hung on the nursery wall to keep track of their height.

Made from paper
Printed using vegetable inks
100% recyclable packaging, printed using vegetable inks
Fold-out height chart
Packaging can be used as a protective case
Measures: H26 x W20.5 x D1.2cm