Maileg Big Brother Mouse In Matchbox

SKU: 16-9731-01

A comforting companion for children big or small, you always have a friend in a Maileg matchbox mouse. This little chap might be dressed in his very best pyjamas but he is still ready for all kinds of adventure. He will play and play all day before its time to be tucked into his cozy little bed once more. 

Dimensions: Mouse 12cm - Matchbox 14 x 8 cm
Material: Mouse cotton - Matchbox Card
Suitable for ages 3+.Machine washable at 30º

Founded in Denmark by designer and illustrator Dorthe Maili, Maileg have been providing timeless toys you won’t want to tidy away since 1999. Six time winner of the biannual Formland award for their unique nordic design, Maileg care not only about the quality of their product but also for the impact they have on the environment and are working towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goal set out by the UN to keep giving back to the world we live in.