Kitpas Rice Wax Bath Crayons - 3 Colours


These unique set of Kitpas bath crayons can be used to draw on wet surfaces and wiped clean when done, perfect for a fun-filled bath-time!

These updated bath crayons are now made from pure food-grade rice bran wax produced from Japanese rice. Recycling rice bran wax as their material helps eliminate food waste as rice bran is typically discarded after milling the rice.

The rice we eat as part of our meal is derived by milling the brown rice and scraping the bran layer on the rice surface. The thin surface layer that’s peeled off while milling is called the bran layer.
This bran layer is further separated into rice bran oil and rice bran wax that will be used as the wax used to manufacture Kitpas crayons! The rice bran layer is typically discarded after the milling process, so Kitpas decided to give it a second life while eliminating food waste!

  • Made from eco-friendly rice bran wax
  • Set of 3 crayons
  • Non-toxic, safe for children
  • Petroleum free
  • Water-soluble and easily cleaned
  • Works well on glass, mirrors and paper
  • Hexagonal shape for better grip when wet
  • Waterproof sustainably paper cover

Suitable from 3 years+