Kiko & GG UFO Balance Game

SKU: K032

 kiko+ UFO, an intergalactic wooden balance game for little outer space fans. 

50 friendly aliens have lost their way on planet Earth. 

Can you help the aliens board their wobbly UFO and get back to their galaxy far far away?

Try and stack the funky alien figures along the UFO's edge without the UFO or aliens toppling.  Or build martian pyramids or alien parades to practice your stacking and counting skills. 

Quick guide on how to play the balancing game:

LEVEL 1 (easy) 🛸

- Add a handful of aliens into the UFO base for stability and balance. The more aliens inside the UFO, the easier to stack figures along the edge. 

LEVEL 2 (medium) 🛸🛸

- Gradually decrease the number of aliens inside the base. The fewer the aliens, the wobblier the UFO will get. How many can you keep on now?!

LEVEL 3 (hard) 🛸🛸🛸

- For the most challenging playing level, empty the whole UFO base. The UFO will be X-TRA wobbly - beware of falling martians!