Grimm’s Large Set of Boxes Rainbow

SKU: 10370

This Grimm's Blue Boxes set has six colourful plywood boxes in rainbow shades, and are perfect for stacking and playing imaginative games. They offer multiple opportunities for play, learning and storage. Toddlers will love to stack these wooden boxes, slot them into one another and hunt for little toys and dolls hidden underneath them. Children will have great fun incorporating them into sets of building blocks, making a dolls' house with them, and using them in play kitchens as colourful pots. Use them alongside other Grimm's Toys such as the rainbows, geo blocks or elements pieces to build your own wonderful wooden world. This versatile toy will be a hit with Steiner educators who will love that it can be used non-prescriptively and in a myriad of ways.  Once outgrown as a toy, they will make beautiful storage boxes for little treasures.

This set of stacking boxes is made from plywood and treated with non-toxic, water-based colour. The largest box is 15cm x 15cm x 15cm.

Suitable from birth.