What We See in the Stars

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‘Sunlight is starlight. 

On Venus, a day is longer than a year. 

The North Star won’t always be the North Star. 

Shadows are darker on the moon. 

Amazing facts and the stories behind them are explored and explained in this beautifully illustrated tour of our solar system. Combining mythology, history, and science, What We See in the Stars covers the night sky’s most brilliant celestial bodies - constellations, planets, comets, the moon, and the Milky Way - as well as less familiar features such as the outer objects, nebulae, and deep space. Readers and stargazers of all ages will delight in this charming journey through the cosmos.’ 

Continuing her celebration of the natural world and exploration of how us humans relate to it, Kelsey Oseid’s What We See in the Stars is a relaxed and informative guide to what lies above. 

With pages so beautiful you will want to frame them, What We See in the Stars is crammed with legend, lore and fun interesting facts, such as the brightest star in each constellation, information on everyones favourite spiralled galaxy the Milky Way, and an entire section dedicated to what the ancient Greeks called wandering stars (which are more commonly known today as planets). Hardback edition.

Our rating? 10/10- Radish LOVES this book! Here’s what some other people think about it- 

“This book is a beautiful way to learn about the science and history of the night sky. Kelsey Oseid’s beautiful paintings seem to be speckled with starlight and truly bring to life facts about astronomy, astrology, and mythology, from the mechanics of meteor showers to the tools used to map and name ancient constellations. What We See in the Stars is an amazing resource for anyone who ever looks up at the sky in wonderment.”
—Rachel Ignotofsky, author of Women in Science

"Kelsey Oseid renders the history, science, and myths of our solar system in stunning hand-painted art."

"What We See in the Stars explains the human connection we have to the cosmos and the scientific discoveries made by people from around the world over several centuries. Beautifully illustrated, its inky pages take you on a journey to swim alongside the stars and celestial bodies throughout our galaxy. Kelsey Oseid makes you aware of your own unique place in spacetime and artfully shows why you should keep looking up."
—Ariel Waldman, author of What’s It Like in Space?