Tuppence & Crumble Star Snug


A favourite of ours and yours, the Star Snug is a blessing without the disguise. Perfect for slipping them into before heading out in a sling, pram or car seat; the Star Snug offers the warmth of a snow suit without the bulk of it making it easier to launder and carry around. Featuring fold back mittens to keep them nice and snug and a funky hood to keep them stylish. 

It is good to bear in mind that these Star Snugs are rather generous and there is quite a large variation between sizes. Whilst it might be tempting to buy a larger size to last longer you will soon find that your little one will be swimming around in their snug and therefore won’t benefit from the warmth the same as they would in the smaller size. When buying for a new baby we recommend a Small, we find that they go up to 6 months for most babes even though they are described by Tuppence & Crumble as going up to 4 months. 

Small- 0-4m

Medium- 4-10m

Large- 11-18m

A word from Tuppence & Crumble on safety...

As with all baby overcoats, blankets and wraps caution should be exercised when used in a car seat to prevent your baby from overheating and care should be taken to ensure that the car seat straps fit snuggly over the wrap to ensure babies are securely held in the seat to prevent excessive movement in the event of an impact. This product is not intended to be used as a night time sleep suit.