The Happy Workbook - The Feel-Good Activity Book

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'We all feel sad sometimes, especially when things aren't going so great. It can also be because our minds are dwelling on sad thoughts and we have too many of them, which can feel very uncomfortable and stop us from having fun. 

The Happy Workbook is here to help by showing how to express feelings clearly and openly, and offers creative ways to focus on the good things in life and find some happiness in every day. This activity book will help you: 

  • Identify what makes you happy and sad by drawing your emotions
  • Let go of sad thoughts by making a paper boat and watching it float away
  • Create a happy sanctuary in your bedroom
  • Immerse yourself in your own gallery of happy things
  • Take pride in your achievements with medals to make and wear

Grown-ups, this is for you: This book has been peer reviewed by a specialist in children's mental health and emotional well-being, and there are explainers throughout just in case your child has questions about the activities.'