The Egg


‘The egg is such a simple miracle of nature. Its beauty has inspired artists since ancient times. 

Illustrated with exquisite pictures, Britta Teckentrup’s book offers a fun and fascinating tour of the world of eggs. 

You can learn how eggs differ in shape and colour and why people love to decorate with them. Discover the secrets of egg-laying animals from around the glove- from egg camouflage and nest architecture to remarkably lifelike cuckoo eggs, sea turtle eggs and egg-laying duck-billed platypuses. This book has everything you ever wanted to know about eggs. 

Read it and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a real egg-spert!'

Another beautifully illustrated work from Britta Teckentrup exploring the wonderful world of nature. Hardback edition.

Our rating? 10/10- Radish loves this book!