The Street Beneath My Feet

SKU: ISBN: 978-1-78493-731-7

When you're walking along the city streets there's always so much to see and hear. But do you ever stop and look down? Have you ever wondered what's going on deep in the ground under your feet? 
Take a journey down through the layers of the Earth, all the way to the planet's core and out the other side. There are som many amazing sights to see along the way!
Charlotte Guillain writes fiction and non-fiction for children, including the picture book Spaghetti with the Yeti which was shortlisted for the roald Dahl Funny Prize. She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and co-author Adam, and their two children. 
Yuval Zommer graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in illustration and persued a successful career in advertising before returning to his true love of children's literature. Following the release of his debut picture book, The Big Blue Thing On The Hill, Yuval hasn't looked back. The Street Beneath My Feet is Yuval's first title for Words & Pictures. He lives and works in London.

Hardcover fold out book.