Padraig Cottage Slippers

SKU: NB pink

These gorgeous baby and children's slippers from Padraig Cottage have been being hand crocheted by local artisans in North Vancouver since 1977. 
Each slipper is lovingly crocheted with hand dyed wool around a sheepskin sole, making them nice and cosy for little feet to slip into. Because of the hand made rustic way these slippers are made, each pair is one of a kind. 

Padraig slippers will go through a natural phase of 'pilling' after a few weeks. With continued wear or after washing, these pills will disappear on their own.

Simply drop them in a washing machine on a short gentle cycle in warm water using mild soap. Make sure to put them in with other similar coloured items, like towels (nothing with a zip of velcro), to avoid too much agitation and abrasion from the machine.

Do NOT machine dry, best to let them air dry in the shade.