SKU: ISBN: 978-1-84976-733-0
After venturing outside to find someone to play with, an inquisitive black cat gets lost in the city. He dreams of finding his family again but convinced he has become invisible, will anyone come looking for him?

A charming story about feeling alone, looking for what you think has been lost and finding your way home again. Beautiful linocut print artwork takes young readers on a journey through stunning city and dreamscapes in an uplifting story of lost and found, hope and love.

Encouraging children to care and look out for each other, this comforting book teaches them that they are always loved, always thought of and will always be found, even when feel left out or alone.

Alexandra Mirzac is a visual artist based in Bucharest. She has a BA and an MA in Graphic Arts from the National University of Arts Bucharest. Lost is her first picture book.