Kitpas Rice Wax Crayon Medium - 12 Colours


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Set of 12 artist quality crayons

Highly versatile art crayons that are suitable for use on almost any surface, including paper, windows, glass, mirrors, and whiteboards. Wipes away easily on any non-porous surface. Use the crayons with our Kitpas water brush to easily turn your drawing into a gorgeous watercolour painting. 

The new Kitpas collection is made with rice bran wax derived from the bran layer of pure Japanese rice. By recycling rice bran from the food industry and breathing new life into it,
they are able to reduce food waste while creating crayons that give you peace of mind.

One pack includes 12 colours: white, pink, red, orange, pale orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, light blue, blue, brown, black. 

Materials: Bran wax and coloured pigment.

All Kitpas products are non-toxic and allergen free.

Made in Japan.

Suitable from 3 years+