Grimm's Three In A Boat

SKU: 07511

Winner of the spiel gut good toys award, this fun little play set from Grimm's has endless potential when combined with your little ones imagination. 

Recommended for children ages 1+, this set includes three colourful figurines in a fun rocking boat. Enjoy putting them in and out of their seats or turn the boat upside down and try to balance them on the curve. Wonderful as an introduction to  Grimm's or as an addition to a growing collection, let their imagination run wild with the possibilities of play. 

After nearly four decades of making toys, Grimm’s certainly know what they’re doing; they are a German family run business who make FSC certified, predominantly hand made wooden toys. Each of their products is tool for unlocking your child’s imagination as they balance, stack, and work wonders on each Grimm’s masterpiece.