Grimms Conical Tower Wankel

SKU: 11030

A fabulous piece for the playroom, the Conical Tower Wankel is a toy we are very excited to welcome into our expanding Grimm’s collection. 

Recommended for ages 1+, the Wankel is a simple Montessori toy with numerous play possibilities. Perfect for developing fine motor skills by using it as a stacking toy for younger children, it can then grow with them and also be used to teach colours, shapes, building and to make fun pictures on the floor.

Measuring in at 22cm high, the Wankel boasts 10 removable lime wood pieces coloured using a non-toxic water based colour stain. 

After nearly four decades of making toys, Grimm’s certainly know what they’re doing; they are a German family owned business who make FSC certified, predominantly hand made wooden toys. Each of their products is tool for unlocking your child’s imagination as they balance, stack, and work wonders on each Grimm’s masterpiece.