Grimm's Large Pastel Rainbow

SKU: 10673

Perhaps Grimm’s greatest ever piece, the large 12 piece rainbow really is a thing of beauty. Parents and children alike adore it’s versatility- segregate the pieces by colour and use them as markers to colour sort toys, stack them as high as you can, or use the pieces to make incredible structures- it’s entirely up to you!

A lovely gift for any child that looks stunning sat on a shelf when it’s not being played with, there is no end to what you can do with a rainbow. Made from lime wood with a non-toxic water based color stain.

Suitable from birth. Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain.
Size: length 35,5-36,5cm, height 17-18cm.

After nearly four decades of making toys, Grimm’s certainly know what they’re doing; they are a German family owned business who make FSC certified, predominantly hand made wooden toys. Each of their products is tool for unlocking your child’s imagination as they balance, stack, and work wonders on each Grimm’s masterpiece.