Grimm’s Pastel Grasping Beads

SKU: 08136

These grasping beads from Grimm’s are ideal for babies who are just discovering their hands; pop them into their grip to be twisted and chewed. Ideal for bringing on fine motor skills. Slide it onto your wrist before heading out as an interesting bracelet/ emergency toy. 1 piece with 12 balls. Made from maple wood with a non-toxic water based color stain.
After nearly four decades of making toys, Grimm’s certainly know what they’re doing; they are a German family run business who make FSC certified, predominantly hand made wooden toys. Each of their products is tool for unlocking your child’s imagination as they balance, stack, and work wonders on each Grimm’s masterpiece.

The pastel rainbow coloured balls are made from maple wood and each measures 3cm. The entire toy is 11cm long - perfect for little hands. It has been coated with a non-toxic, plant-based oil finish - safe for sucking on and ideal for showing off the natural beauty and grain of real wood.

This toy is safe for use from birth.