Earth Shattering Events

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‘We humans take our domination of the planet for granted, but sometimes nature reminds us that this is an illusion. Tectonics rip open the earth, vast waves sweep away costal towns, magma spews from volcanoes and hurricanes lay waste to swathes of land. 

Discover the science behind earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, avalanches, tropical cyclones, tornadoes, blizzards, hailstorms and wildfires, and marvel at the power of nature at its most destructive!'

Written by Robin Jacobs

Illustrated by Sophie Williams 


Praise for Earth Shattering Events-

We often get asked about books to support the 'Awesome Earth' or 'Natural Disasters' topics for KS2 and we think we may have just found the perfect one. -- Books for Topics

Featuring clear information about a comprehensive range of events, this colourful and fascinating guide is a real eye-opener. -- BookTrust