Rico Design Paper Poetry 2 X Notebooks A6 Colouring Monster

SKU: 99001.64.71
Coloring is the trend of the hour! For months, coloring books have topped the bestseller lists in bookstores and the topic of "coloring" is on everyone's lips. Because not only children, but also adults are now using colored pens more and more often. Our articles from the new COLORING ACTIVITY range are the perfect complement to the classic coloring books: posters, XL tapes, paper bags, stickers and the like provide variety and guarantee lots of painting fun. All items are made of high-quality paper, which can be easily painted with both colored and felt-tip pens. The products add color to everyday life, encourage imagination and creativity and contribute to relaxation. In addition, entire children's birthdays can be designed with the perfectly coordinated products: invitation cards that the birthday child can color in themselves, party decorations in the form of garlands and placemats with matching accessories such as crowns, masks and party hats. In addition, the wide coloring XL tapes, which can be stuck lengthways across the table, prevent boredom among the little party guests. The coloring range is rounded off by matching colored pencils: colored pencils in a metal case, felt-tip pens, fineliners and brush pens.