Easy Peasy BluBlu Lovely Shoes

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SKU: 1E000222D/531

Trendy sandal to wear indoors. Thanks to the smooth Velcro shoes go very easy on and off. These shoes have a soft sole are therefore not fit to walk out with.

These great shoes are made from 100% vegetable tanned leather that feels soft and is very light. The sandal are stained without the use of metal, or chromium salts, and the glue used is water-based, very safe. The flexible soles give little feet enough space to grow naturally and develop muscles, just like bare feet.   

We know EZPZ (Easy Peasy) of fine ecological materials. Both the pouch particles and slippers are made of 100% vegetable-tanned leather . This makes the slippers are soft and light and portable so good for your child. The items are stained without the use of harmful materials and also the adhesive is water-based. This is not a luxury as our little ones like stabbing everything in their mouths.