Candylab Drifter Rainforest

Size: One size

Drifter Adventure Rainforest toy vehicle and collectable by Candylab Toys. Candylab Drifters are known for their durability and style, and the Drifter Rainforest is no different from the rest. This model has a radiant teal colour which allows for it to stand out. Each one is a blank canvas ready for you to design and create the perfect car using the custom sticker pack! The custom sticker pack is included with your Drifter Rainforest and is full of full of flags, logos, patterns and more. An orange rubber band is also included that pairs perfectly with our Borneo Adventure Accessory Pack.

Beautifully crafted in solid beech wood, the Drifter Adventure Rainforest is must have for car lovers and collectors (young and old) and a solid investment thanks to its timeless design and exceptional durability.


MATERIAL: Solid Beech Wood, Water Based Paint and Clear Urethane, rubber tires.

L14 x W8.7 x H7.5cm

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth and a few drops of soapy water if needed.