My First Book Of The Home With Lots Of Fantastic Stickers

SKU: B049113

Which playing and learning activities can be done within the home? 

And how can we furnish and organize the home according to the Montessori principles? This book contains all the answers and is packed with a lot of creative and fun activities,, stickers and games, all developed according to the Montessori method.'

The book is a collection of activity cards inspired by the Montessori Method. They present fun, practical experiences that children aged three and up can do at home, but they are more than just play materials for the children; they are also cues for parents as to how they can involve their children in home life and how to make their home more "Montessorian". Each activity takes place in one room of the house. Children can discover which utensils are used the most in the kitchen, how to set the table, the correct sequence for brushing their teeth, how to put their toys in order, how to organise their bedroom closets, how to make their own library in the living room or how to bring nature to the terrace.