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‘This book is about Circle. This book is also about Circle’s friends Triangle and Square. When they all lay hide-and-seek, Circle makes a rule. But, when Triangle breaks that rule, Circle has to rescue him...'

Jon Klassen beautifully illustrates Mac Barnett’s hilarious tale of an adventure shared between our favourite three friends - Circle, Triangle and Square. Hardback edition.

Our rating? 10/10! Radish LOVES this book! Here’s what some other people think- 

“In typical Barnett-Klassen style, humor and light philosophical musings mingle to form a story that will entertain children and adults alike. Because much of the story takes place in darkness, readers are called upon to use their imaginations, making this oddball friendship tale an off-kilter treat.”


“The shape friends continue to be peculiarly enchanting with their childlike simplicity, enhanced by the accessibly readable sentences and zingy authenticity (Square’s immediate tattling on Triangle and Circle’s harsh question of “Why are you such a bad friend?” are intensely realistic). With each shapes outing Klassen outdoes himself on doing much with little; in this case, the succession of spreads that go from gloomy to inky black, with only eyes to represent the characters, sets a high-water mark of minimalism that will be hard to beat but that works effortlessly and comedically within context. The book concludes by inviting the audience to join the shape friends in imagining what the being in the cave could be. That suggestion, issued with a light touch, moves deftly on from the story’s summation without breaking the mood, so even kids resistant to more didactic entreaties may be enticed to join the characters as they wonder.
—Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books , starred review

“Like Square and TriangleCircle teaches shapes while challenging kids to think, in this case, about what they know and don't know.”"
Arkansas Democrat Gazette