Candylab Drifter

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The brand new Candylab Drifter is here ! 
Elegant proportions reminiscent of iconic 1960’s automobiles, complex carving details, perfectly smooth rubber tires and lively graphics - all add up to a stunning toy.
Dense beechwood gives each car its unexpected heft, making for highly realistic play scenarios based on real world physics, evident in ramp jumps and landings.  The water-based paints and clear urethane are safe and environmentally conscious, while the high gloss finish, cool graphics and candy-like colours spark imaginative play scenarios.
Candylab cars are possibly the coolest car toys we have ever seen. Cars that are elegant, durable, and simple, giving children a chance to create their own stories around the objects they play with. Please find all the Candylab cars here.

MATERIAL: Solid Beech Wood, Water Based Paint and Clear Urethane, rubber tires.

L14 x W8.7 x H7.5cm

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth and a few drops of soapy water if needed.