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‘Enter the fascinating world of bugs. 

Packed with stunning, detailed illustrations and astonishing facts, this book will introduce you to some of the strangest, scariest, biggest and smallest insects around. 

Discover the bug with a 30cm tongue, get to know the insect that eats dung for dinner, and meet the ant that can paralyse with a single sting. 

Get ready to experience the beauty and wonder of butterflies, beetles, bees and many more amazing bugs. 

Want to become a bug expert? Then look no further.'

From Simon Tyler comes this incredible fact file on all things bug and insect. From fact files on individual creatures to answering more general questions such as ‘How do bugs get around?’, this colourful book gives us a comprehensive look into the lives of the little guys. 

Our rating? 10/10- Radish loves this book! Here’s what someone else thinks-

'Whilst the bold, graphic illustrations will delight young readers, the scientific but child-friendly information about bug life... will provide older readers with an excellent grounding in the awe-inspiring world of insects. The perfect book to dip in and out of at leisure or pore over for hours' Library Girl and Book Boy