Brown Nest Fairies Tinka The Heirloom Christmas Fairy


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'Twas the night before Christmas and perched on the tree, was a charming little fairy festive as can be...

Enter into the Christmas spirit with Tinka, a limited edition handmade decoration brought to life by the skilled artisanal hands at Brown Nest Fairies. Tinka comes dressed in a gorgeous white linen dress and matching woollen felt jacket, along with a sweet petticoat and a pair of bloomers underneath.

Complete with lace trimmings, tulle wings and a rustic red berry crown adorning her golden locks, Tinka can be hung atop a tree using the ribbon loop on her back or left to sit somewhere to observe and enjoy the festive season. 

We are told that Tinka can be quite shy, and will need a home full of love to flourish within. 

Handmade in Wiltshire, England

Height- approx. 24cm

Materials- Cotton, Wood, Wool, Linen

This item is a toy and is designed for display purposes only.