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’Welcome to Botanicum

This museum is open all hours. It houses extraordinary collections of plants and fungi, from tiny algae to trees that tower up to eighty metres high. 

So how did plants evolve? How did Earth reach the diversity of plant life we see today?

Enter here to explore the plant kingdom in all its glory.’ 

Another member of the Welcome to the Museum collection, Botanicum combines easy to follow facts with gorgeous illustrations, drawing you completely into the wonderful world of nature. 

Illustrated beautifully by Katie Scott and written expertly by Kathy Willis, Director of Science at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and Professor of Biodiversity at the University of Oxford. Hardback edition.

Our rating? 10/10- Radish LOVES this book! Here is what some other people think-

'This beautifully illustrated book is a comprehensive, curated guide to plant life... it's a feast of botanical knowledge.' BBC Gardener's World

'...Stunningly illustrated guide to plant life. The perfect gift for anyone from three to ninety-three.' Huffington Post

'...a big, beautiful artifact. Gloriously hand-illustrated in the manner of classic Victorian natural history, it offers levels of information suitable for intelligent, inquisitive young minds and begs to be pored over endlessly.' Financial Times

'A beautiful and tremendously well written guide to plant life, from algae to the Amazon waterlily... This is a volume to treasure.’ The English Garden