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‘Welcome to Anatomicum. 

This museum is open all hours.

It houses a remarkable collection of displays, from the muscles used to show emotion to the delicate workings of the brain. So what makes our bodies tick? And how does a human body grow from a single cell? 
Enter here to explore the human body in all its glory.'

A fabulous addition to the Welcome to the Museum series, this time in association with the Welcome Collection in London, it is our great pleasure to present Anatomicum. Written expertly by Jennifer Z Paxton in a thoughtful and informative way which is easy for all to understand, Anatomicum will fast become your favourite reference book when it comes to questions on the human body. 

The second to none text is backed up beautifully by Katy Wiedemann’s incredible illustrations which bring the book to life in an artistic and comprehensive way. Hardback edition. 

Our rating? 10/10- Radish LOVES Anatomicum!  Here’s what some other people have said- 

Gone are the days of boring non-fiction books just full of facts. This is a beautifully illustrated, comprehensive book about the body which is a treat for the mind, as well as a visual delight., The Teacher Bookworm

Published in association with The Wellcome Collection, this intimate guide to the human body, from the top of the skull to the tip of the toes, is illustrated with detailed anatomical drawings that show every muscle group and nerve. Expert descriptions are simple enough for young readers and will inspire budding doctors and scientists., Daily Mail

This beautiful book explores the human body from underneath the skin as if it were a journey through a museum. Katy Wiedemann's delicately drawn diagrams accompany

Jennifer Paxton's detailed anatomical information for a learning experience that is quite unlike any other., Science Focus

Children and parents will be absorbed by this remarkable book, Carousel